Vega X

Vega X

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The Vega X is the next installment of the Vega rubber series. Vega rubbers are famous for their excellent performance to price ratio. To celebrate the 10 years of success of the Vega rubbers, XIOM launched the Vega X, which boasts better performance than any of its predecessors. The rubber formula of the Vega X is based on the Vega Pro, but the structure of the topsheet has been modified to improve the performance of the rubber. Recommended for Vega Pro users that are looking for an upgrade.

Pimple IN, Black Sponge

It is a rubber showing excellent performance when playing close to the table. It is a product to commemorate the 10th anniversary and is produced with the latest technology.

SPIN 8.4     SPEED 8.0     PRECISION 8.4
COLOR   Magenta / Red / Black
APPROVAL   79-062
MADE IN   Germany

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