About Us


The story of Spinart started with three table tennis players, who met during the weekends to discuss ideas about promoting,developing and contributing towards the game of the game of Table Tennis. And on one fine day, SPINART was born with the idealogy of placing their knowledge and talents into the game through a suitable medium. Spinart stands for ‘sports with creativity’. The concept behind it is simple; if you don’t add colours to your life, you’re merely surviving, not living. The same philosophy goes for sports Spinart is the new face of Indian Table Tennis. Spinart has three partners: Sanil Shetty, Noel Pinto, Paresh Murekar. They are national-level players and have taken up the challenge to take this brand to the No. 1 spot in India. We, team Spinart, know what the Indian Table Tennis market needs and demands because our team comprises of experienced players.


Spinart designs and manufactures clothing and accessories. Spinart offers a wide variety of clothing line —from t-shirts, shorts, and tracksuits—with high-quality designs and styles that meet the customers’ needs. Spinart’s primary focus is on table tennis kits and products. At the moment, Spinart is sponsoring a few clubs, top-ranking Indian players, and academies in India. Spinart has also been a part of the Ultimate Table Tennis League for the last three years and has sponsored the Shaze Challengers team in 2017, Empowerji Challengers team in 2018 and Goa Challengers in 2019. Spinart has recently added table tennis coaching in its resume. Players training under Spinart Academy has achieved some great milestones by participating and winning medals for the country. Currently 8 players are representing the country and counting. Our primary focus is to win medals for the country. Spinart has achieved another milestone by becoming the official distributor of world renowned table tennis brands Xiom and Falco and Dr Neaubauer. This has definitely given a boom to the game in India. Spinarts collaboration with these global brands has now given us the authority to set a separate price structure for Indian Table Tennis.

  • International training and exposure for upcoming and talented Indian players.
  • International and domestic Sponsorship.
  • Brand collaboration at subsidised pricing.
  • Foreign investment.
  • Building new coaching opportunities.
  • Empowering grassroots training.

To provide international-standard clothing and table tennis equipment at affordable prices to everyone connected with the sport and to serve the country by producing champions through quality coaching. As sports people, we have deeply studied and tried to understand what players at different levels of the game require to improve, excel, and feel motivated. This has given us a clear vision of how to support the players to excel in the game by fulfilling their requirements and connect them on a deeper level to the game. Working on clothing and apparel for several years has given us an idea of the potential of the Indian table tennis market and the requirements of Indian table tennis players. Thus, we plan to expand our line of business through three important aspects of table tennis: blades, rubbers and other Boosters. One of our strategies is to develop rubbers suitable for Indian table tennis conditions and players. Our plan also focuses on developing an online network through the Spinart website with existing and new customers. Through this website, we will provide customer service and direct consultation. We have been working on this concept offline, and it has helped us gain customer loyalty for our brand. This is what makes Spinart unique. We also support players by providing clothing and equipment to those who are unable to continue their Table Tennis career because of any financial crisis. Spinart has also contributed to Snehasadan, an orphanage in India, by donating Spinart apparel. Mr Sanil Shetty, an active international player, is the brand ambassador of Spinart and is dedicated to making Spinart a leading brand. Further, we have an investor, Mr Vivek Bhargava, who is the CEO of iProspect (a digital marketing company) and a table tennis enthusiast. Mr Bhargava liked our concept and invested in Spinart, and he has plans to market our products using e-commerce based on his expertise in the digital marketing industry. He has also agreed to support and promote our ideas and plans for the development of table tennis and Spinart in India.