Vega Korea Black

Vega Korea Black

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Vega Korea - Offensive Table Tennis Sponge

Xiom Vega Korea is tuned to make producing high-energy spin shots easier.˜ ˜Service return, and topspin shots are far more accurate and consistent, giving real experience and positive impacts for your game.˜ ˜

Xiom Vega Rubber Series is known for its famous Black-Carbo Sponge, which enhances the rubber topsheet.˜ ˜Energized spins with a larger-than-expected safety window for accuracy and placement.˜˜

Manufacturer Specifications:

Hardness:˜ Medium
Speed˜ 92/100
Spin˜ ˜96/100
Origin:˜ Made in Germany
Thickness/Color:˜ Black, Blue, Pink, 2.2

True Innovation with Hyper Elasto Black Carbo Sponge

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