Omega 7 Euro

Omega 7 Euro

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High-end rubber, which is suitable for rally play. The application of a low-hard sponge maximizes the control area and makes it easier to attack in the desired position.

By the end of 2017 Xiom had brought something new to the Asian market and eventually the rest of the world in early 2018. Continuing its reputation of producing some of the highest quality rubbers in the world, Xiom has introduced OMEGA VII, which has been presented as a further improved version of OMEGA series. This iteration of OMEGA has become noticeably faster, keeping the same potential spin for topspin strokes as OMEGA V. OMEGA VII EURO, while being the softest of the VII series, is still a tremendously powerful medium to medium soft rubber. The glue effect feeling and sound is extremely noticeable and aids in yielding powerful counterloops with decent control.

SPIN 9.0     SPEED 8.9     PRECISION 8.7

COLOR   Red / Black

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